Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Developer License

What is the NGINX Plus developer license?

The developer license allows you long-term access to all features of NGINX Plus for your side projects and demos in non-production environments.

What can I use the NGINX Plus developer license for?

The NGINX Plus developer license may be used by an individual developer for his or her personal use only. It is intended for private, single-user applications and services in non-shared, local environments.

NGINX offers separate non-production subscriptions for NGINX Plus instances used in shared, non-production applications and services, such as test or staging environments that are accessed by more than one user.

Can I get an NGINX Plus developer license?

Yes, if you are you a developer who’s interested in using NGINX Plus for a non-production use case.

To obtain a developer license, attend an NGINX conference or meetup, where our speakers will be providing exclusive temporary passwords to a license-request form. We are making limited exceptions to this policy, so if you don’t have such a password, email our community relations team with the following information:

  • How you heard about the developer license program
  • A brief description of the project in which you plan to use NGINX Plus, and the role it will play (web server, reverse proxy, load balancer, etc.)
Where can I get technical support for my NGINX developer license?

NGINX developer licenses are not supported. If you have any problems installing your developer software and keys, or you cannot find the documentation you’re looking for, contact the Developer Relations team at and we will be happy to help. For technical questions, please check out the NGINX Plus Admin Guide, the NGINX reference documentation, and the community documentation at

If you need support for a particular project, please start a free 30‑day trial and our Solutions Architecture team will assist.