Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Product Update Offers Enterprise Features, Tools for Java Applications, Caps a Milestone Year for NGINX

NGINX, Inc., the high performance Web company, today announced the second release of its commercial product, NGINX Plus. NGINX Plus is a fully‑supported version of the company’s ground‑breaking open source software, complete with added capabilities designed by NGINX’s development team.

NGINX Plus Release 2 includes a number of new features focused on enterprise‑class application delivery features. The release comes six months after the initial launch of NGINX Plus, and on the heels of a milestone year for the company. In addition to being named the most popular server among the web’s 1,000 busiest sites, NGINX is now the second most popular server among all websites, ahead of Microsoft‑IIS, Litespeed, and Google.

NGINX also announced a $10M Series B round of funding in October 2013, and has sinced hired sales and support staff for its growing base of commercial customers. In addition, NGINX has brought in Sarah Novotny to lead community and technology evangelism, and plans to expand headcount abroad as well as in its San Francisco office.

“It’s been an exciting year for NGINX, and we’re proud to be making our application acceleration software more accessible to enterprise customers with NGINX Plus,” said Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX, Inc. “The open source product has been used by sites like Netflix, Instagram, and WordPress for years, but not every company can dedicate the resources to build a custom implementation. With NGINX Plus, our customers gain access to world‑class engineering talent and enterprise tools and features to keep their business in the fast lane.”

As the shift to mobile and the growth of dynamic content place ever‑increasing demand on servers, enterprise customers need solutions that will not pull internal resources away from core business functions. NGINX Plus provides the same application performance and development agility that the world’s top social networks and content delivery platforms rely on, without the high level of investment.

NGINX Plus Release 2 adds tools and features especially designed to support enterprise Java applications. The software makes it possible to handle more types of routing requests for Java applications without the need for additional hardware.

The new features in NGINX Plus Release 2 include:

  • Extended session persistence module for routing requests to Java application modules
  • Application health monitoring for FastCGI based app frameworks
  • Configuration utility to set up a fault‑tolerant NGINX Plus cluster
  • Activity monitoring for virtual hosts including HTTP status codes and traffic stats
  • New module to enable external authentication for HTTP requests
  • Flexible cache revalidation and cache invalidation mechanisms

NGINX Plus is available starting at $1,350 per instance per year. For more information about pricing and features, and to contact the NGINX sales team, please visit

About NGINX, Inc.

NGINX Inc., the high‑performance web company, provides products, solutions and services for its renowned open source software, NGINX. Run by the busiest websites on the Internet, NGINX enables companies to match increasing demand for faster web experiences at scale.

Today NGINX serves over 120 million sites on the Internet. Successful online services such as Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb,, Box, Instagram, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zappos, and Yandex use NGINX as part of their infrastructure. For more information about NGINX, Inc., please visit


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