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[Editor – The NGINX Innovators Program has ended.]

Leading Application Delivery Platform Also Unveils NGINX Innovators Program, Offering NGINX Plus to Developers & Startups Free of Charge

San Francisco – April 14, 2015 – NGINX, Inc., the engine powering applications and content for the modern web experience, today announced the availability of the next generation of its commercially-supported web acceleration technology, NGINX Plus Release 6 (R6). The new solution introduces a number of enhancements that bring enterprises total application delivery, whether for modern web applications or for legacy enterprise applications like relational databases and mail servers. The technology also offers significant performance improvements from R5 that help ensure businesses deliver the best possible online experience for web users around the globe.

“We have had overwhelming demand from customers to use NGINX Plus to replace legacy hardware and to further support the adoption of public and private clouds,” said Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX. “NGINX Plus R6 is a direct reflection of that need and offers the ideal solution for total application delivery and load balancing. It exceeds the capability of traditional hardware load balancers and ADCs, while providing unlimited throughput at a lower cost than our competitors.”

NGINX now powers nearly half of the top 10,000 sites and applications in the world and is widely recognized for its ability to offer fast, secure, and scalable application delivery for web and mobile. New capabilities and benefits available today in NGINX Plus R6 include:

  • Fastest Load Balancing Algorithm: Now the technology can automatically select faster and less-loaded nodes for superior performance. The solution monitors the number of concurrent connections and the average response time from each node in the load balancing pool and uses this intelligence to estimate the best possible node for each request.
  • Full-Featured TCP Load Balancing: The TCP load balancing feature that was introduced in NGINX Plus R5 has been significantly extended to include health checks, dynamic reconfiguration, full access logs, and SSL termination and encryption. In addition, NGINX Plus’ extended status feature now reports TCP load balancing counters.
  • High Availability: Based on Keepalived, NGINX Plus now uses the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) to achieve high availability and failover between NGINX Plus instances.
  • Updated Extended Status Dashboard: NGINX Plus sports a new, richer status dashboard that charts the health and activity of NGINX Plus instances using the extended status module.
  • Unbuffered Upload Support: NGINX Plus improves the responsiveness of web applications that handle large file uploads with new options for ‘unbuffered upload,’ which means that the technology streams the data in large HTTP requests (such as file uploads) to the server as it arrives, rather than buffering it and forwarding the request only after its entire contents are received.
  • SSL Authentication For the SMTP Mail Protocol: NGINX Plus R6 support for SSL client authentication for SMTP (mail) traffic.

“NGINX Plus R6 represents a significant technical leap in features and functionality that extend developers’ capabilities and improve overall application performance,” said Owen Garrett, head of products at NGINX. “We’ve worked closely with customers and the community to pinpoint and address some of the most common challenges that businesses face with web application delivery, and we see the innovation behind R6 as a critical response to those challenges and emerging market needs.”

NGINX Introduces Its Innovators Program
NGINX is a company that was shaped by developers, for developers in the interest of driving innovation and helping to build the next generation of digital businesses. In recognition of this, the company has unveiled its newly developed NGINX Innovators Program. The program offers:

  • Unlimited Developer Licenses for NGINX Plus Customers: As NGINX customers increasingly adopt containers and microservices-based application development, they need unlimited access to the software they plan to use in production without having to worry about licensing constraints. To support this, NGINX customers who have more than 10 production instances of NGINX Plus now have unlimited access to the software for use in development, testing, and pre-production.
  • Free NGINX Plus for Entrepreneurs: NGINX proudly counts some of the world’s most innovative developers among its customers. To continue supporting innovators, NGINX is making NGINX Plus available free of charge to verified startups with less than $2 million in annual revenue and less than $10 million in fund raising.
  • Aggressive Discounts for Large Volumes of NGINX Plus for SaaS Applications: NGINX Open Source is incredibly popular among the busiest SaaS applications and PaaS platforms. Now these businesses can benefit from the extended capabilities of NGINX Plus thanks to special pricing designed for the large volumes of servers and elastic scaling typical in these businesses.

“The availability of NGINX Plus R6 coincides with the launch of NGINX Innovators Program, to further support the millions of developers using NGINX to build the next generation of high performance web applications,” said Igor Sysoev, creator of NGINX. “This represents a significant milestone for the technology and the company. When I launched NGINX Open Source back in 2004, I was working to overcome issues of scalability as a developer at a popular web portal. Now the technology we’ve developed has evolved into the backbone of the modern web experience with millions of supporters and contributors. We’re excited to introduce this new program to the market and continue to support innovation and the advancement of digital businesses everywhere.”

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About NGINX, Inc.
NGINX powers applications and content for the modern Internet experience. The company offers award-winning and industry-leading high performance web application technology that delivers the scalability, speed, and security to more than 130 million sites on the Internet, ensuring a seamless web user experience. Companies rely on NGINX technologies for load balancing, content caching, media streaming, web serving, and more. More than 40 percent of the Internet’s busiest websites rely on NGINX to drive the performance of their web applications, including giants such as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Box, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Zappos. The company is headquartered in San Francisco.


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