Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Battle-Hardened Open-Source Based Product Combines Advanced Functionality, Support and Services for Commercial Customers

NGINX, Inc., the high performance web company, today announced the availability of NGINX Plus, a fully supported version of the popular NGINX open source software complete with advanced features and offered with professional services. The product is developed and supported by the core engineering team at NGINX, Inc., and is available immediately on a subscription basis.

As business requirements continue to evolve rapidly, such as the shift to mobile and the explosion of dynamic content on the Web, CIO’s are continuously looking for opportunities to increase application performance and development agility, while reducing dependencies on their infrastructure. NGINX Plus provides a flexible, scalable, uniformly applicable solution that was purpose built for these modern, distributed application architectures.

“There has been immense interest in a commercial version of our open source software for customers that require enterprise‑oriented features and services,” said Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX, Inc. “The launch of NGINX Plus provides businesses with precisely that – all the innovation of our open source product paired with advanced features and services that deliver greater agility and reduce complexity for our customers.”

The company also announced a complete portfolio of services for NGINX Plus customers, including configuration and performance tuning, performance optimization and technical account management. With the right mix of software and services, NGINX Plus customers are able to massively reduce complexity while gaining more control over their applications than ever before.

“Content and collaboration are at the heart of the today’s biggest enterprise companies,” said Aaron Levie, Co‑founder and CEO, Box. “NGINX gives us the capability to deliver optimized performance and scalability, ensuring customers always have reliable access to their documents and mission‑critical applications.”

NGINX Plus offers a number of industry‑standard features, including application health checking, commercial‑grade activity monitoring, advanced load balancing, dynamic reconfiguration, extended logging capabilities, high availability, and adaptive media streaming. NGINX Plus is also tested and certified for use in production on Amazon Linux, Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. The product will be available starting at $1,350 per instance per year.

The launch of NGINX Plus comes as the base open source product is experiencing massive growth across the globe. According to the August Netcraft survey, NGINX owns 14.55% of the total web market and is run on over 100 million web sites. Today, NGINX is the most used web server among the world’s top 1,000 busiest sites, powers 35% of the world’s top 10,000 busiest sites, and 44% of the sites on Amazon AWS. NGINX Plus extends the benefits of the core product to more customers across the globe, while providing the enterprise‑grade features that they need to hit their business goals.

Advanced features of NGINX Plus include:

  • Application health checking
  • Commercial‑grade activity monitoring
  • Advanced load balancing
  • Dynamic on‑the‑fly reconfiguration
  • Extended logging capabilities
  • High availability setup
  • Adaptive media streaming

Services available with NGINX Plus include:

  • Configuration and tuning
  • Performance optimization
  • Technical account management

NGINX, Inc. provides products, solutions and services for its renowned open source software NGINX. The company was launched in 2011 with a $3 million Series A round with funding from e.venturesRuna Capital, and MSD Capital, and is headquartered in San Francisco. The open source NGINX project began in 2002 and went public in 2004.

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Partner Quotes

“We are an API company and we’ve built out our solution on NGINX. We’re seeing a massive trend of customers moving to NGINX to run their APIs and with advanced features like the application health checks and monitoring included in NGINX Plus this will only continue to accelerate. Especially for our enterprise customers, these additions and the supported environment will be great additions.”—Steven Willmott, Co‑founder and CEO, 3Scale

“NGINX Plus is exactly what our customers need to reduce the complexity of managing their applications. The additional load balancing, monitoring and caching features allow NGINX Plus to become a single application acceleration tool replacing a number of other tools in the application stack.”—Steve Mushero, Founder, CEO, and CTO, ChinaNetCloud

“NGINX Plus provides a host of additional features over the open source NGINX offering – including a massive increase in metrics for advanced performance monitoring. These metrics are captured and beautifully visualized via the NGINX Plus plug‑in for the New Relic platform. With the tight integration between our platform and NGINX Plus, New Relic users gain a unique level of insight into their web stack behavior. Our customers save engineering time with simple and easy‑to‑use performance management for applications served by NGINX.”—Bill Lapcevic, VP Business Development, New Relic

“The combination of Zend Server 6.1 and NGINX Plus delivers an exceptionally scalable and performant PHP architecture. Our customers use Zend Server because they need best performance and reliability for their PHP apps. Now with the release of NGINX Plus, they can also take advantage of a web server with blazing speed and health checks that keep apps running in top shape.”—Andi Gutmans, CEO and Co‑founder of Zend

“We’re seeing cloud and hosting providers adopting NGINX across the board to improve performance of their systems. Parallels Plesk Panel with our Hybrid Web Server feature can send static content and PHP scripts directly to NGINX Plus. With NGINX Plus’ advanced caching and monitoring capability, the combination is sure to be a clear winner for both service providers and customers alike.”—Adam Bogobowicz, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Parallels

About NGINX, Inc.

NGINX, Inc., the high performance web company, provides products, solutions and services for its renowned open source software, NGINX. Run by the busiest websites on the Internet, NGINX enables companies to match increasing demand for faster web experiences at scale.

Today NGINX serves over 100 million sites on the Internet. Successful online services such as Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb,, Box, Instagram, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zappos, and Yandex, use NGINX as part of their infrastructure. For more information about NGINX, please visit


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