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Commercial Support Now Available for NGINX Users

NGINX announced today commercial support options for companies using its open source web server in production. Intended for small, medium or large-scale commercial web installations, these offerings will be delivered by the original creators and developers of NGINX, to provide guaranteed levels of technical support and consulting services in cases where the best efforts of free community support are not enough. This is the first commercial offering of NGINX, Inc., which was founded in July, 2011 and launched in October.

Three technical support packages are available- Essential, Advanced and Premium, covering installation, configuration, performance improvement, software maintenance, design, implementation and optimization assistance. Consulting services are also available to assist customers in tailoring their bespoke configurations or adding further features and functionality. Now, with enterprise adoption of the NGINX web server as one of the top 5 open source applications trending up, commercial customers can benefit from an SLA-based support for NGINX.

“These options were designed with NGINX business users in mind,” said Andrey Alexeev, of NGINX, Inc. “Whether you are using a single NGINX instance or thousands of NGINX based web servers for commercial applications, we now have direct vendor support to suit all levels of demand. We listen very carefully to our customers, and the commercial technical support packages are designed to address their most common needs. Several enterprises have already subscribed, and in the future we will be offering more services based on customer feedback.”

NGINX offers rapid response and resolution of problems and incidents, including emergency bug fixes and prioritized development. Subscribing customers will also receive proactive notifications about major changes, security patches, new and interim software releases, and recommendations about available updates and upgrades. All packages can be supplied based on either a 12- or a 3-month contract. Subscribers to the Advanced and Premium options receive design, implementation and optimization assistance, as well as prioritized development. Premium subscribers will have access to an additional set of customization options.

Free Services

Open source community users will continue to have access to an extensive range of free support and advice from a variety of online resources. Documentation, knowledge base, mailing lists and forums which give insights on how to work with NGINX, address bug fixes, obtain workarounds, and build applications are being constantly improved. Users can also download and browse complete source code and binary packages from NGINX web sites, report and track bug fixes and more.

Information on the services can be found on NGINX corporate web site and inquiries may be sent via e-mail. The company is also on Twitter @nginxorg.


Now the world’s second most popular web server, NGINX enables companies to dynamically adjust to a new reality of rapid Internet evolution without incurring unnecessary costs in capital investments, or time. In almost 10 years of its history, NGINX has developed into flexible and scalable open source software, which includes a high performance, high concurrency edge web server for static and dynamic content, Layer 7 load balancing, reverse proxy for HTTP, SMTP, IMAP and POP3, caching engine and SSL offloading. In July 2011, the company founded its commercial arm, NGINX, Inc. For more information, please visit


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