Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Latest Version of NGINX Plus Simplifies, Scales, and Accelerates Cloud Applications with Advanced Load Balancing, Application Delivery and Streaming Media Features for Enterprises Using Amazon EC2

SAN FRANCISCO, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NGINX, Inc., the high performance web acceleration company, today announced that NGINX Plus, the commercial version of its popular web server technology, and NGINX Streaming Media Server are now available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) on AWS Marketplace. With all the advanced features of NGINX Plus combined with the ease of deployment from AWS Marketplace, enterprises can deliver and scale their critical applications and provide new services such as streaming media on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

According to W3Techs, NGINX is the number one web server for the top 10,000 busiest websites in the world. Based on a modern, optimized architecture, NGINX Plus is built from the ground up to scale predictably and efficiently in even the smallest AWS instance sizes with limited CPU and memory preventing instance ‘sprawl,’ helping to reduce operating costs. NGINX Plus is a trusted and proven commercial offering designed to help enterprises optimize the availability and performance of business applications.

NGINX Plus simplifies, scales and accelerates application delivery through advanced features such as load balancing, session persistence, health-checks and cache invalidation and monitoring to help ensure that critical applications are both available and scalable across unpredictable demand.  Customers who require a streaming media solution can use NGINX Streaming Media Server with features such as adaptive streaming, bandwidth enforcement and support for video-on-demand applications with Apple HLS and Adobe HDS formats.

The commercial-grade solution also integrates seamlessly with additional AWS services, including Elastic Load Balancing. Enterprises using Elastic Load Balancing for highly-available applications can benefit from NGINX Plus features that enhance performance and maximize flexibility:

  • Simplification and cost reduction with domain and request routing
  • Improved performance with content offload, caching and acceleration
  • Advanced capabilities such as WebSocket proxying, SSL and SPDY termination

For enterprises using AWS as part of a hybrid architecture where applications and data are hosted across AWS and on-premise environments, NGINX Plus brings unique service gateway capabilities for routing users’ requests seamlessly and securely to distributed application and data storage infrastructure.

“NGINX on AWS is tried and true, with a number of Amazon EC2 customers already utilizing the open-source version to power application delivery,” said Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX, Inc. “Now those users can get all the capabilities of NGINX Plus and NGINX Streaming Media Server with full NGINX, Inc. support at a simple and cost-effective price point.”

NGINX Plus and NGINX Streaming Media Server offer a simple pricing model available as an hourly or now an annual subscription for maximum flexibility. NGINX Plus has no built-in performance limits, which maximizes customer service levels while keeping cost at a minimum.

“We are excited to have NGINX offer their software with annual subscriptions on AWS Marketplace.  Many customers want the flexibility to purchase software in a way that allows them to forecast expenses ahead of time,” said Barry Russell, Head of Business Development for AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Annual subscriptions on AWS Marketplace enable customers to do that.  With NGINX products available in both hourly and annual pricing, customers can quickly expand or launch new initiatives without large up-front costs, while taking advantage of material savings for steady-state, long-term workloads.”

For more information on NGINX Plus and NGINX Streaming Media Server on AWS, visit

About NGINX, Inc.

Based in San Francisco, NGINX, Inc. is the high performance web acceleration company, providing products, solutions and services for its renowned open source software, NGINX and its NGINX Plus commercial offering. Run by the busiest websites on the Internet, NGINX enables companies to match increasing demand for faster web experiences at scale.

Today NGINX serves more than 146 million sites on the Internet. Successful online services such as Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, Airbnb,, Box, Instagram, GitHub, SoundCloud, Zappos, and Yandex, use NGINX as part of their infrastructure. For more information about NGINX, Inc., please visit


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