Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

F5 Device ID+ is a real‑time device identifier that utilizes advanced signal collection and proven machine‑learning algorithms to assign a unique identifier to each device visiting your site. Deployment is simple, with immediate benefits for your security, networking, fraud, and digital teams. Never has understanding the unique devices visiting your applications been so easy.

Best of all, F5 Device ID+ is free to NGINX Plus customers!

Benefits of Using F5 Device ID+

Strengthen application security – Strengthen attack detection and mitigation analysis through accurate device identification. Recognize returning devices that your security systems have already flagged as suspicious.

Optimize traffic management – Incorporate a unique identifier for each device into routing logic to better manage and optimize network traffic. Identify devices even when malicious actors manipulate Layer 7 data.

Mitigate fraud and risk – Monitor customer behavior across new account creation, user authentication, e‑commerce checkout, and financial transactions to keep customers safe.

Personalize and accelerate online experiences – Make login, checkout, and authentication seamless for known returning users and devices. A/B testing by F5 demonstrates that reducing security friction increases revenue, and device identification is an important element in any strategy for friction reduction.

How F5 Device ID+ Works

When each user visits your website, F5 Device ID+ leverages JavaScript to collect information about the browser, device’s OS, hardware, and network configuration. These attributes feed into F5 Device ID+ service built on F5 Shape’s industry‑recognized AI and machine‑learning capabilities. The data is processed in real time, and a unique identifier is assigned to the device, unless it is already a known device. For returning devices, behavior, actions, and other properties can be recorded, learned, and studied to facilitate the reduction of fraud and a smooth experience for known good users.

Activating F5 Device ID+ on Your NGINX Plus Instances

F5 Device ID+ is free to NGINX Plus customers. To install it on your NGINX Plus instances, follow the instructions for NGINX in the documentation.